Wellington Botanic Garden International Peace Symbol ePetition

Twenty thousand eSignatures target for Wellington to have the CND Ban The Bomb Symbol, known as the International Peace Symbol, featured at the Wellington Botanic Garden, as an upright 3D, 1500mm x 150mm decorative concrete version.

 Above A one metre diameter plywood peace symbol to show 3D effect and shadow. 


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Dr Marilyn Waring The first important  point is a tribute to Dr Marilyn Waring for paving the way towards New Zealand's Nuclear Free Legislation. The International Peace Symbol featured in all the activism at the time. 

She was responsible for a snap election that changed the government to one that supported New Zealand's going nuclear free in 1987. 

 [a] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Zealand_Nuclear_Free_Zone,_Disarmament,_and_Arms_Control_Act_1987   The Act

 [b] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marilyn_Waring     http://www.aut.ac.nz/research/professors-at-aut/marilyn-waring     The Lady 

 [c] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossing_the_floor                                                                                                     The Method  

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Below Wellington's sunny Oriental Bay that's sheltered from, sometimes cool, southerly winds. 

Below The Wellington Citizen's War Memorial or Cenataph with the New Zealand Parliament's "Beehive" administration and events building behind. It was built to commemorate those who fought in the Great War of 1914 to 1918, which became known as the First World War. After the Second World War, bronze plaques were added. Some are shown on www.hdwn.webs.com

The most important one, to the writer, is the Amity Plaque, which is below the carved bird's nest representing families. Amity means friendship and especially among nations.  The writer's late mother was a foundation member of a semi formal Wellington association called Amity. It was joined by the wives of embassy staff and by others based in the city.

It may be still active. If so, please would you kindly email the writer at  cavewood88@hotmail.com 

The ePetition's real site location point is the bronze Amity plaque, on the south side of the Wellington Citizens' War Memorial, known as the Cenotaph, near Parliament Buildings. 

The rider on top is the Will To Peace. Click http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/media/photos/wellington-cenotaph

The Amity Plaque features a Peace Rose.  Click www.hdwn.webs.com




TV 3 News on the World Peace March start in Wellington, with peace symbol shown by reader.


Below Table to show why the International Peace Symbol is Sacrosanct. The table was first used in an ePetition that asked the Wellington City Council to officially respect the International Peace Symbol. It's been modified for the current ePetition. The topics also apply to the suggested Botanic Garden International Peace Symbol because it dispels myths about nuclear weapons and this symbol that rejects them. 


Reasons For Wellington Officially Respecting The International Peace Symbol. 

Reasons Against Wellington Officially Respecting The International Peace Symbol.

Rebuttal Of Each Reason Against Wellington Officially Respecting The International Peace Symbol. 

 For Against Rebuttal 


The popular, "No more Hiroshimas." Is clearly a call to ban nuclear weapons, and not for no more places of that name. The International Peace Symbol is rooted in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki experience. Nuclear weapons damage animal genes, with full effects only showing after two generations. Why would a civilized human being condone them? Wellington is a city of civilized human society. The schedule for respect of the International Peace Symbol is obvious.

Wellington has a strong link with the United States Of America  Marines. They were based in and around  the City during WW2. USA developed the atomic bomb to end the war and it's here to stay. Therefore, the issue of nuclear weapons shouldn't  be negatively featured, when doing so casts a poor light on these American liberators of 1945. 

New Zealand is an exemplary United Nations Member State, above all else. We are 100% for the United Nations Charter.  Article 2(3) is for member states to act peacefully while Article 2(4) is for them not to threaten or use force against any state. The International Peace Symbol is simply a shape whose clear message is appropriate for the Wellington City Council . It's a symbol supporting United Nations peace principles 


Nuclear explosions cause a blinding white flash. A piece of white paper is a good symbol against this dazzling flash that precedes the blast, the melting heat, the black radioactive rain and general radioactive contamination. However, the International Peace Symbol  has admirably conveyed this message for over fifty years. 

It's a drab downcast looking symbol that's incompatible with Absolutely Positively Wellington. The symbol is a negative one that says no, but what would take the place of nuclear weapons? It's now a tired, old, out of date, hippy, drug culture remnant.

It can be cheerfuly displayed in the colour of one's political party.  The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is as fresh and on the ball as ever. Nuclear disarmament is a positive celebration of life and harmony. It's about winning the battle of having peace and love in the hearts and minds of individuals.


Wellington is a declared  peace city that's absolutely positively against nuclear weapons. Brilliant. So is the International Peace Symbol. That should be reason enough for you to join the ePetition. 

Wellington is a dignified capital city. It's the home of the Parliament and Government Ministries The City Council has its official coat of arms and its motto  Suprema a Situ (Supreme in Location) needs no suppliment. The International Peace Symbol is a global folk sign used in graffiti. It's not suited to Wellington's majesty.

Wellington was once uninhabited. The earliest human to human contact could well have been in love and friendship. Who knows? The busy rush hour foot  traffic outside the Railway Station is full of happy faces of good will and love. The International Peace Symbol fits that scene to a T. Nature is neither for or against us. It's up to us to make sure we are for nature and co exist harmoniously, as this symbol is known, globally, to mean.


Dr. Albert Schweitzer said in Chicago in 1949 that,  "The trouble with people nowadays is that they don't think enough." How true of people today as well. The International Peace Symbol is thought provoking. It's not always properly understood by the overly contented or strictly non questioning conformist. It is about the best ideal of people in a beautiful city of New Zealand, which is reputed to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. 

Wellington is undoubtedly the intellectual capital of New Zealand. If the International Peace Symbol was relevant to its  grandeur, it would have been developed within Wellington's growth since the 1958 birth of the symbol. The City is not concerned with such trivialities. It's simply a fringe theme of a minority activist element, who thrive on anti social protest. 

There's nothing backward about the International Peace Symbol. It's survived fifty years. Most children will have drawn it and felt good about doing so. It's only us adults who have failed to congratulate them enough for their artistry, for fear of raising a difficult subject that most would rather pretend is an illusion.  An accidentally started, end of civilization, global nuclear war is not science fiction. It can happen. The Symbol is a whistle blowers call to alert  "stuck in a rutters" who deny the doomsdayness of nukes.    


Blinding laser weapons were internationally banned by a United  Nations Treaty of 30 July 1998 because they were too terrible to use. So are nuclear weapons and should be likewise banned, with inspections and verification of compliance. 

Nuclear weapons are fully understood by the nations who have them, to need  the most thorough safety procedures to prevent an accidental launch. It's a super safe global arrangement with assistance from the United Nations Atomic Energy Agency to ensure the trigger devices are mechanically  secure.The world's populations should thus get on with their daily living without fear. Use of the International Peace Symbol to drum up fear and hysteria over nuclear weapons dangers, is irresponsible trouble making.

Dr Helen Cauldicott wrote The New Nuclear Danger to wake us to the futility of the arms manufacturers calling the tune. They keep developing new weapons so they can sell more to replace devices made redundant. This is what the International Peace Symbol protests against and is a full and thorough STOP sign to this cycle. We see a parallel with our prisons and courts being nearly overwhelmed. The cause is lack of behaviour education starting from an early age. Teaching children to be honest, respecting of other people's possessions and persons pays off in less crime. Money spent in pre-school education is thus a profit generating exercise. The dividend comes when the morally educated  generation matures. The private prison industry wouldn't develop if, acting in a law abiding way was a fundamental line in all education. Liquor advertising is another pointless process, with  problems caused by alcohol stupidly keeping the private  health insurance industry viable. 


Highly sophisticated nuclear weapons are a reality. There are over twenty thousand of them. They are tested and ready to be used. They can hit a two metre target.  Do we want to be realists and speculate on the potential risks, as insurance companies do or, pretend that our fate is in the lap of the gods, over which we have no influence?  

Life is short. Most people want to enjoy life and have a good time. The International Peace Symbol is based on the grotesque worst case scenario of a nuclear war. Wellingtonians don't want to be reminded of a horror weapon 24/7. They have the prospect of violent earthquakes being an everyday possibility. Why add fear mongering about nuclear weapons being too risky to tolerate and remind of Hiroshima horrors? We must put on happy faces and live happy lives, irrespective of earthquake  and nuclear war risks. 

Girl Guides and Boy Scouts share the Be Prepared motto of founders Lady and Lord Baden Powell. Switzerland prepares for nuclear war with general population  survival bunkers. Air tight doors allow living free of atmospheric radioactive contamination and blast effects of a nuclear weapon detonated perhaps twenty kilometers away. The heads of governments in most countries have similar shelters. Politicians in Wellington are thus put in a new light. We see television news of earthquake ravaged cities, where unreinforced, falling brick and stone walls kill thousands. Earthquake resistance is kept out of building design there, as too hard to contemplate during the thrill of constructing a warm dry home or school.  Even rubber foundation blocks are incorporated into Wellington high rise buildings to lessen earthquake effects. The International Peace Symbol  merely keeps the nuclear weapons issue likewise on the front burner for best dealing with this reality. For nuclear weapons,  it means abolition. Earthquakes are unpredictable and cannot be stopped. Nuclear war can be prevented but stopping it would be irrelevant, since it might be all over in five hours  of automated rocket exchanges.


Nuclear weapons are claimed to prevent  war by a nation's ablility to retaliate, once a hostile nation has launched a nuclear weapon. Yet the success of this theory depends upon correct information of such an initial launch. Do we want to always  live in this state of nearly declared, nuclear war, tension or, do we pretend that it's a myth or  unfounded hypothesis? We're surely better, as realists, to ask questions and build a correct picture of the nuclear weapons scene.   

The International Peace Symbol is a failure. If it was any use, we would have seen the end of nuclear weapons already. Instead, both The Russian Federation and The United States of America plus a few other's in the nuke club,  have about twenty five thousand nuclear weapons between them. It's business as usual, even though the cold war is meant to be over but, is it? The symbol has had the opportunity to be New Zealand's most internationally recognised symbol. It's failed to win support because it's about weakness and capitulation to terrorism.

Buildings in Wellington could have multi story walls of massive, lighted, International Peace Symbols. The only truly anti nuclear Nation, New Zealand, must never  be a  slave of USA's illegal wars of aggression and outrageous, nuclear weapons based, all options on the table, policy. New Zealand's Lord Rutherford pioneered research into splitting the atom and fittingly, the Rt Hon David Lange's Government launched New Zealand's Nuclear Free Zone. The International Peace Symbol is the baby in the manger of victory over cruelty. It's purity is beyond description.


Nuclear weapons do not keep the peace. There were more bombs dropped on Laos from 1965 to 1973 by USA, than were dropped by the Allied  Nations on Germany and Japan  in WW2. Peace breeds peace. Violence breeds violence. Education on the history of war and nuclear weapons is only correct if the truth about the arms industry's profit and fortune motive is dealt with.  

Nuclear weapons are the best defense against nuclear weapons. Why campaign with any symbol that means capitulation to nuclear threats? The Wellington City Council is not a body for political campaigning. It's only job is to be neutral and a servant of the general public who have of all points of view.

The game of chess can be  drawn  when a player cannot move and declares a stalemate with no winner. Nations can declare peace with one another now, as good sports people do, at the end of a game in a friendly way. The International  Peace Symbol simply allows nations to say that this is their attitude and totally support peaceful coexistence with it. A United Nations nuclear weapons prohibition  treaty will be signed as a Covenant of trust, just as real estate is transacted, globally, in good faith, respect and finality between parties.   


USA used nuclear weapons as the only manufacturer. There are now many manufacturing nations. What worst case nuclear war scenario is now the most likely? Surely New Zealand doesn't pretend that the risk of nuclear war is only theoretical and so unlikely, as to be negligible. Any chance, whatsoever, of such war is too big a risk. All life on earth is at risk. 

Life is full of risks. It's a sad reality of twenty first century life that nuclear weapons exist. Waving an international  Peace Symbol around will make no difference.  A limited  nuclear war would prove which weapons were the best to allow refinement of them. Nuclear weapons are a fact of life which we just have to learn to live with.

The risk of nuclear war is unique. We don't want it, unless we hold twisted religious fanatical views. We should do all that we can to ensure the aboltion of nuclear weapons at the earliest date. The democratic  nations of the world will  agree to abolition  when vocalised  public opinion shifts. The not so democratic nations will have  more reasons to abolish their nuclear weapons, when it's proposed, by free nations, not to target them with operational nuclear weapons.


If a meeting was to be held on the impact of climate change, would school teachers strongly advise their students to attend?  Would they be as eager to advise attendance of a nuclear weapons abolition  one? Is a nuclear winter too awful to contemplate? Nuclear war caused climate change, would be the most serious.

Climate change is from necessary behaviour, such as electric power generation. Nuclear weapons may never be used in hostility again. We should do what we can to reduce carbon emissions. That is a sensible ambition that can't wait. Abolition of nuclear weapons may never happen. It's a waste of time trying to secure, at the expense of crucially  urgent  climate change action.

We must care for the earth for our great great grandchildren,  instead of treating it like a refuse tip for them to  cope with. We've  enjoyed pillaging  the planet's fossil fuels, rain forests and mineral wealth. It's time to be good citizens of the earth. We're  temporary visitors. The earth's climate factors are fragile. A three metre International Peace Symbol of joined facial tissues would be appropriate.


We look at the moon. What do we see? Craters. How were they formed? Asteroids. Could one stike our planet again? Yes. Could that strike be mistaken for a nuclear attack? Yes. Could that mistake cause a nuclear war? Yes, but only if nuclear weapons are on targeted alert, as they are now. The term,  nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert, should make the hairs on the back of our neck stand up in alarm.  We, instead,  mostly  seem  like  the trusting, yet doomed Polish Jews, who accepted 1930's nazi  reassurances as reliable. 

Space scientists are able  to track asteroids. The alarmist view that asteroids will precipitate a nuclear war are unfounded. They would not come as a surprise. The Opposite is more likely, of an asteroid on a collision course with our earth being blown up or put off course,  at a safe distance, by a sophisticated nuclear weapon. Why criticizesomething with this ability? 

The problem for planet earth is nuclear weapons. Thousands of them. There could be up to thirty thousand, globally, each  with an average potential,  seven times that of Hiroshima's. They were developed and mass produced to keep nuclear parity. This was supposed to deter either the USA or the USSR  declaring strategic  nuclear superiority for a bloodless takeover of the other. It was called the nuclear arms race. Thinking people in both nations realized it was leading nowhere. There are arms limitation treaties, but we still have a nuclear insanity of a planet able to reverse the development of animal life, by millions of years. The only answer is united, people power, with ordinary people symbolically  putting their hands up and  saying a big NO NO NO NO NO  to nuclear weapons. The International Peace Symbol is  global citizenry's  unmistakeable common bond.


The logic of nuclear weapons is an insult to the magnificence of  human kind. Abolition is the only sensible  option. Their use could easily  lead to a nuclear war that would cause the extinction of many species of life,  including homo sapiens. The threat of this terrible state, is meant to prove their worth. However, we live in a world with suicide murderers, who don't value their own lives enough to be part of a deterant. Their motivation is presumed reward in heaven, after a death mission. Could a  nation be  likewise  motivated to risk massive nuclear weapons retaliation by an insane leader who launched an unprovoked nuclear weapons attack?  

It was inevitable that nuclear weapons would be developed to the sophisticated state they're now at. That they've not been used as a weapon  since the A bombing of Nagasaki is proof enough that nuclear weapons are treated with  utmost caution, by nations' most intelligent technicians. The peace movement's use of their symbol to suggest nuclear weapons technology is evil and must be removed, is folly. The technology will stay, ready to be revived if nuclear weapons abolition goes ahead but fails from undisclosed, hidden  stock piles.  

The International Peace Symbol has no boundaries. It's about saving the human  race from its own arrogance.  It's thus a sacrosanct design for all and for all time. We must collectively respect it or possibly perish. We trust the successful United Nations system of airline routes, strictly controlled at various altitudes. A nuclear weapons abolition treaty will be just as successful. The truth about a nation's nuclear weapons abolition will be exposed by the worlds best scientists. The global aviation industry, likewise, co operates to keep aircraft at safe distances from each other both vertically and horizontally. 


After the Hiroshima and Nagasaki  atomic bomb explosions, some nuclear scientists, who developed them,  advocated for their abolition. Their, greater than expected, devastating effects shocked them. The immediate  suffering and on going radiation effects on the populations were seen as utterly inhuman. While the atomic scientists worked as dedicated, focused researchers, they also had  human feelings. Moreover,  they could see that the future of nuclear weapons was doomed by their ability to extinct the human race. Why should we now claim that they were wrong? They developed nuclear weapons from mere mathmatical formulas which were reasoned out in their minds. These same minds  realised that nuclear weapons must be abolished. So they must.

It was obvious to all the scientists in the Manhattan  Project laboratory at Site Y in Los Alamos that they were working on a huge bomb. Otherwise, there would have been no point in the extreme  secrecy, cost and area of land devoted to the project.  They were asked to develop the  A bomb and they did.   Developments  have continued at the laboratory and include cancer detection with ultrasound, fuel cells for cars and AIDS treatment. Science doesn't stand still.  Atomic weapons have been discovered. They can't be undiscovered.  Why halt research that makes nuclear weapons safer? Cars were at first treated as too dangerous without a red flag walked by a man out front. This peace symbol, that inspires anti science protests, is about the negativity that inspired textile machine smashers who protested the industrial revolution.    

The International Peace Symbol communicates humane treatment of others.  Atomic weapons are inhuman. Instant vaporization of people at ground zero of an atomic bomb explosion is nothing but inhuman treatment.  Genetic damage from nuclear radiation is permanent. Electromagnetic  pulse from a nuclear explosion wrecks electronic components. The horrific effects of a nuclear explosion over a city go on and on. The most alarming aspect of this information is that it's seen as too terrifying for the younger generation. New Zealand school and college teachers  prefer to stay aloof, as they once did over tobacco advertising. Anti smoking activists claimed to them that the posters advertising cigarettes, especially near their schools, were a moral crime. They're now illegal. Not telling children about the horrific effects of  nuclear  weapons is a moral crime. The International Peace Symbol is the champion of reasonable  abolition.


Nuclear explosions were an unproven theory in 1944, before proof in a 1945 New Mexico desert test. Likewise, their precisely monitored and verified abolition, is presently theory, but will hopefully be reality in 2020, or before, via a United Nations Treaty. International peace and security is developed from education on humanity and personal contact with people from other countries, but not "all options on the table"  threats. That all options term means including nuclear weapons. Such threats breed nuclear weapons proliferation.  

USA didn't want to be defeated by Japan in World War Two. It produced the A bomb and used it. How can anyone now say that USA must lead the process of getting rid of nuclear weapons,  just to please those who enjoy the other innovations  of USA, but don't like nuclear weapons? Pearl Harbour in Hawii was attacked in a surprise raid. USA now adequately protects itself.

The point is that nuclear weapons are too destructive.  Why does human kind need to be destructive, to be progressive? Surely an intelligent human being is one that doesn't destroy things of value and doesn't force others at gunpoint or by threat  of  nuclear attack  via an, all options on the table, policy. Intelligent people make peace and not war, don't they? Drawing and using the International Peace Symbol is an act of peace. World Peace is not real without it.


Wellington City Council wants nuclear disarmament. It clearly must. No city could medically cope with a nuclear explosion. There's thus no problem with Wellington officially respecting the symbol for that reason. Wellington is an international port. A northern hemisphere cities' nuclear weapons exchange would  severely damage Wellington's main activity. 

The Wellington City Council has enough to do without pandering to the lunatic fringe,  who tout their folk symbols and sell their chunky copper peace and anarchy symbols from lumbering house trucks at rowdy fairs. The City Council is an  obviously peace orientated governing body. It's coat of arms is the only official  symbol needed. The logo of a London based protest march organiser is not required by Wellington's local  government. 

Can the Wellington City Council guarantee that no nuclear weapons are targeted at it? If there are any Civil Defence contingency plans to house the Mayor and senior Council Officers in a nuclear fallout shelter, what about the rest of the population? The physicians against nuclear war organisation, is based on the view that no medical aid could cope with a nuclear bomb attack on any city. On that score alone, the WCC should be 100% for the International Peace Symbol and this ePetition for it to be at the Botanic Garden, likewise.


There are enough nuclear weapons to kill every human being on earth three times over. 

When it comes to threats to human life on earth, the growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, the mutating HIV/AIDS virus and a bird vector modified swine flu virus, are of more immediate concern.  A well defended against nuclear war, is well understood to depend on USA's nuclear weapons  superiority. Nuclear war is therefore very well prevented by this superiority. We mustn't upset this vital balance with the unbalanced anti nuclear movement's  simplistic sign and lobbying. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  

We pride ourselves as being the most intelligent form of life on the planet. But are we? Could we have a war mongering mentality virus that secretly pervades our cities and which most of their administrators are in denial over? Historians will decide next century, but we only have to see how the deeper nuclear weapons issues are avoided by some New Zealand schools and colleges. We realize that there's as if a huge basket with Too Hard on it, where anything about nuclear weapons details, instantly goes. It's time to revolt  against this thick mental fog. A young child's right, is to learn nuclear weapons' truth.  


The New Zealand flag has the British flag. It's flown on Trident System submarines, whose purpose is to deter a nuclear attack on Great Britain via the MAD regime. MAD stands for Mutually Assured Destruction.  The hidden Trident System  submarine's purpose is to destroy a nation that attacks it's homeland of Great Britain, even after that homeland is destroyed with nuclear weapons. The same applies to the USA Trident System.  The prospect of that capability is supposed to deter an attacker. However, what would happen if a computer malfunctioned and indicated an attack by mistake?

The year 2000 computer virus that was feared as able to pervade nuclear weapons systems, making them unreliable, came to nothing. People forget that we're in a new age of reliable super computers. Nineteen fifties faulty technology, that inspired the International Peace Symbol CND marches, is thankfully over. The latest small family  cars have more computers than were on nineteen sixties manned satelites. The 1958 CND peace symbol is out of date too.     

The futile USA/UK  illegal  invasion of Iraq and equally unjust invasion and war in Afghanistan show an ignorance of the United Nations Charter. UN members need to study its Preamble and abide by its promises. War is not the answer to terrorism, but refined police action is, as the UN's  Interpol shows. Keeping the peace in towns and cities, as well as between nations, is from aiming for safer communities that act together as caring societies. We are our brothers' and sisters'  keeper. In that theme, the International Peace Symbol fits like a glove.


Schools do not teach the full truth about our nuclear weapons threatened world, for fear of traumatising students and giving them sleepless nights. If the International Peace Symbol's official adoption by the Wellington City Council  were to cause many to lose sleep, how could that be bad? 

Nuclear war would be horrendous. Children must be protected from the harsh realities of life. We don't see road accident fatal injuries for the same good reason. The fact of the matter is that we know that thousands of people would die in a nuclear explosion. We don't want such events. That's the end of it, education wise. The International Peace Symbol is just a historical design of the unpatriotic 1960's anti-Vietnam War protests. Such symbols bring attention for the show-offs in society but don't teach children anything.

The Japanese Hibakusha are those who were close to the atomic bombs, either before or after birth and survived. Their stories have been recorded. Most start by describing a massive white flash, then the intense burning and later the radiation sickness that was mostly fatal. Some survived and needless to say, are still not too impressed with the Americans who did it to them. The single most important message they have for us is that humanity  and atomic weapons cannot coexist. New Zealand children might then ask, "But why do some countries, we call civilized, still have them? Who is right and who is wrong in their opinions about nuclear weapons?" We need to be truthful towards children. Displaying  the International Peace Sign, permanently,  at school gates will be standard practice, once proper nuclear weapons education gets into schools and colleges. This chart  may help.


What new parent would want their child to suffer in a nuclear explosion or want any other baby to either? A breast feeding mother's best wishes are that mother earth will be peaceful. Human breast milk was analysed for strontium 90 residue from 1950's atmospheric nuclear tests. We know that nuclear weapons are super poisonous. We must rid the world of them for ever. Whatever the human mind can can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Nuclear weapons are illegal chemical weapons but by a sly act of legal gymnastics, they're claimed to be essentially an incendiary weapon. 

Hysterical hype is the anti -nuclear weapons movement's main tactic. The main issue is that the lessons of the second world war should never be forgotten. USA, France, Russia and the UK do not want that experience again, so they have nuclear weapons; as simple as that. Getting rid of them and wanting their global abolition is not an option for those who experienced WW2. 

The purpose of current nuclear weapons is to make using them too horrible to contemplate. In other words,  they exist to ensure their non-use. When human kind was intelligent enough to make an A bomb, they are now certainly more than intelligent enough to ensure  that every one of them is safely dismantled. There then needs to be perpetual inspection for compliance with the abolition treaty and regular verification by United Nations inspectors. That will continue for ever. Maybe then, the International Peace Symbol will be on coins and bank notes as a symbol of extreme wisdom. 


Nuclear weapons were used in Japan to test their effects, not merely to end the war that was nearly over. Russia was about to turn on Japan on the day that Nagasaki was bombed. Genetic damage is too big a price for peace. Peace must include total freedom from  nuclear weapons attack. 

Thousands of American troops were saved from death, in battle, by the two A bombs on Japan. They shortened the war there.  It's a sad fact of life that innocent people get killed in war. If the International Peace Symbol was effective in keeping the peace and stopping wars, it would have been adapted as a United Nations agency symbol and also used by some countries' self defense military. 

There is no road to peace. Peace is the road and the International  Peace Symbol is on all it's immaginary road signs. The writer heard a 2004 radio broadcast, by an American war strategist. He compared the theatre of war in Afghanistan, after 9/11, to a ballet production. His view that the various stages of that war were as if  scenes in a beautiful ballet. This was grave insult of listeners. It acutely motivates the writer to campaign for the confusing Avenue North Road, in Levin, to be sensibly changed to Peace Road. 


Wellington is a sophisticated positive city.  The City Council is knowledge based. The International Peace Symbol is made to measure here. It was first used by Britain's most able intellectuals, such as Bertrand Russell. The prospect of a limited nuclear war in 1958, the symbol's first year, was real. The weapons' capability was there. By this time, the cancer causing effects of the A bombs, on the  Japanese cities, were admitted by USA. Nuclear weapons were now a breach of the international rules of war, known as the Geneva Conventions. Nuclear weapons are poisonous, grossly cruel, indiscriminate weapons of mass destruction. The International Peace Symbol is automatically Wellington's. It conveys the city's refined, educated  disgust towards nuclear weapon.   

Wellington is New Zealand's most intellectual city. It's let the International Peace Symbol settle into a quaint position of historical interest.  It's what  the 1960's generation faced the cold war and galloping nuclear arms race with. That's over and so is this symbol. The Wellington City Council backs scientific research, not the candle holding, peace placard parading agitators for nuclear weapons abolition. The case for retention of nuclear weapons,  for vital self defense assurance, stands up to harsher logical pressure, than the foolhardy prospect of risking a nation hiding it's  nuclear  weapon's,  who had signed an abolition treaty. Such blind trust would be the height of folly. Wellington is not a fool's city.    

Nuclear weapons are now so accurate as to be able to hit  one metre targets from a multible warhead missile. This means that each side's nuclear missiles can be individually targeted, if spotted in time. But wait. Why are we able to talk about sides in a hyperthetical war?  The United Nations Charter is about international peace and security. It's mentioned thirty two times in the Charter. The world is at peace, not war. Nuclear weapons are totally out of place. The International Peace Symbol is absolutely relevant for Wellington and every other city. It should be cut in 200 metre circles in the gorse hillsides around Wellington 


It's a symbol that means the opposite to illegal preemptive   war, such as Iraq suffered after 9/11, in breach of The United Nations Charter Article 51.

Kindly please see Dr Bruno Simma's Commentary On The United Nations Charter.

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Most people do not bother with the United Nations Charter and its Article 51 on self defense. The United Nations certainly couldn't defend USA from an attack. USA must do that for itself, hence its nuclear arsenal. The USA is not going to give up it's nuclear weapons. The anti nuclear International Peace Symbol is of no use in this arena. It may just as well be locked up for ever.

The 1960's "give peace a chance", peace activists are now retired. They have time on their hands. They can form a new movement of International Peace Symbol promoting anti nuclear activism. Not all nuclear radiation producing mechanisms are bad though. We're targeting  nuclear weapons for extinction, before they're given a chance to extinct the human race. It's a job of A1 expert skill.


It's fifty years old and is still the logo of the respectable, London based,  Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament . 

New Zealand is part of the NAC or New Agenda Coalition, against nuclear weapons. How many New Zealanders would know that? New Zealand must side with the USA for security or be irrelivant. The USA respects the IPS on a Celebrate the Century stamp, marking the 1960's protest movement. That's all it is. 

New Zealand is a peace loving nation which wants a global ban on nuclear weapons. Our Kiwiana symbol for this is The International Peace Symbol.  It should be on a new, New Zealand flag, for the next thousand years or more. Children could understand why, but can adults?


It's internationally known to mean peace and abolition of nuclear weapons. Wellington  officially  supports both of these aspirations under legislation. Wellington, therefore, already unofficially supports the International Peace Symbol. Moreover, Wellington is an officially declared,  Peace City, with a peace flame garden, Peace Walk in the Botanic Gardens and commemorative plaque, in Cuba Mall.Wellington's Mayor is a member of the International Mayors For Peace movement.


Peace is a  very misunderstood word. It means effective action on war, which needs a vigorous determined, unrelenting effort. For evil to flourish, good men and women only have to do nothing. Like the battle against disease, there must be discipline and determined effort to win peace from lawlessness and war. The image of the International Peace Symbol is so associated with lazy, drugged-up, hippy culture, social misfits that, it would drag down Wellington's good reputation, if it were to officially support it.

Peace is a thought that results in  corresponding  action. War is about conflict of opinion and intolerance between political leaders of the two sides. There must be a common  code of decency to uphold.  The peaceful resolution of disputes is a process that requires restraint and patience. The United Nations was formed to stop wars by joint action under the Charter. The Police of a country operates via a code of due process. So does the United Nations. Young healthy men have gone in for the excitement of a war and the hollow thrill of the gun battle violence  and come out hating it, whereas,  a career in a Police Force is a professional journey in keeping the peace. The International Peace Symbol is about order and dignity.  It's for the process of resolving  disputes with reliance on the United Nations as the common standard between nations. How can that be shameful? It's very uplifting.


New Zealand has produced three postage stamps with clear examples of the symbol. They are the N is for Nuclear Free, in the A to Z series, the 1995 lady with peace on her lips and the 1997 Bogor cartoon of a pine forest cut to leave the symbol.


Peace has a popular fascination,  but in reality, force has to be used to put down riotous behaviour. Police are often accused of being heavy handed but  frequently don't  get the support of the general public, in their fight against crime. Schools seem reluctant to teach honesty, as the best policy, from start to finish. Why? Surely this is not another anomalous, human rights and freedoms  privacy issue.The United Nations is only an ideal of peace. Some UN member nations try to secure peace and security outside UN Charter rules, but only from utter frustration and desperation. They don't just blame continued violence on a difficult war, but lack of support, owing to misguided, peace movement, pacifism. Their own UN Charter breaching activities are, to them, the lesser of two evils. It takes far more than a protest culture symbol to educate some politicians, to see reason. Promotion of the United Nations Charter and its Human Rights principles, is only complicated with a graffiti symbol, seen  among Police scuffles with lawless protesters.   

The International Peace Symbol is simple, distinct  and bold. People who support it, want a nuclear weapons free peace, those who oppose it, risk the survival of the human race, to have a pseudo peace.  This involves not knowing if we will turn on the radio or TV to find that a nuclear war has started and that  most electronic communications   are down. The cause being severe electromagnetic pulse effects of exploding nuclear weapons. A child might ask, why are there nuclear weapons, if they are too dangerous to use, when retaliation is assured? Yes, why? A suicidal person has a mental illness. A suicidal world is likewise. The International Peace Symbol is an anchor of sanity. Isn't it better to not have nuclear weapons at all and develop friendly relations between nations, or amity, under Articles one and two, Purposes and Principles, of the UN Charter? 


It's easy to draw and is instantly recognisable as definitely the International Peace Symbol.

It's ugly.

It represents the pacifist designer's  thrusting down of his arms in despair, over the stupidity of war. What could be more stupid than a nuclear war,  or having the weapons for one at all? The International Peace Symbol is the bright symbol for sanity.


The symbol is totally compatible with and perfectly conforms to the United Nations Charter and Human Rights  Conventions. The UN General Assembly's first session's first resolution is for the abolition of nuclear weapons in Article 1(1) 5 (c)

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The modern successful university graduate, or qualified technician, has little time for the United Nations Charter and Human Rights Conventions after the non authorised, War On Terror based, Iraq war and continuing, UN sidelined, Afghanistan war. World trade is the only thing that matters and the International Peace Symbol is as useful to that as wet newspaper is to lighting a wood-burner.

World trade can only happen with a standard of exchange, such as the value of gold. Insurance of goods in transit is vital  in global trade. That depends on honesty and transparency. The world financial semi melt down of 2008 was from falsely  valued investments. Investors lost faith and the system started to tumble. There is a false sense of security from the nuclear weapons umbrella concept too. The USA and the Russian Federation claim to offer world stability by it. Yet, they can only say that it's a stability from being able to end human life on earth from nuclear war, but not wanting to use nuclear weapons that would surely cause it. The International Peace Symbol is the reliable gold standard of peace.


It's a symbol that's probably somewhat disliked  by arms, manufacturers, dealers and weapons developers. We should support it for that very reason.

The arms industry employs millions globally. Switzerland, the presumed epitomy of peace, has a huge arms industry. They are the world leader in making reliable artilleryshells. While shrapnel from them is a horrendous, Swiss precision is in high  demand to ensure reliability as to range and guarantee of exploding. The trigger devices on many  nuclear weapons might be Swiss made too, for the same reason. This is a world for realists. There's no place for dreamy, ban the bomb symbol pushing, up in the clouds dwellers, who want the abolition of nuclear weapons, like tribal rain dancers. 

Giving peace a chance with the best of odds, is very  good sense. We may find that the people who we are told are our enemies, are merely being fed lies about us, as we are of them. Freedom of the press upholders  are as if the wheels of peace. It's  what a Jewish, ex Dachau prisoner, told the writer in Wellington, was his single most valuable lesson of WW2. Freedom of the press will aid the official adoption of the International Peace Symbol for Wellington to proceed from this successful ePetition. It will move to a successful Council presentation, submission and vote into policy with the approval, in principle, of the suggested upright peace symbol in the Botanic Garden.  


Wellington is a Peace City within the legislated, New Zealand nuclear free zone. Officially respecting the International Peace Symbol, when the opportunity, such as this arises, is to fully respect the law.


Wellington is a Peace City within the legislated, New Zealand nuclear free zone. Let the Government continue this process and legislate that the International Peace Symbol be official to reduce crime. Police Station signage,  for instance, could include the symbol.  It's not the job of Councils to do thise work. It's central Government's responsibility for such nationwide policy promotion.


The New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act 1987 No 86, originated from towns and cities first  declaring  themselves nuclear free. Levin, New Zealand, unofficially did at a large picnic at Waiopehu College. Wellington, also did, but by one vote. We don't expect the International Peace Symbol to quickly be an official emblem and protected under the  Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981 No 47.  A Private Members Bill, would first stimulate interest and support. The popular Girl Guide Movement and uniform, is thus protected, from an  earlier obscurity. Once Wellington officially adopts the Symbol, other cities and towns will hopefully see the benefit of a people's revolt against illegal nukes. They can never be made legal. They're poisonous, indiscriminate, grossly inhuman and a  war crime.


New Zealand law Prohibits Nuclear weapons. The International Peace Symbol is thus the default setting of life in New Zealand.

Where's the freedom in some New Zealanders wanting to be protected by USA's nuclear weapons but their nuclear armed ships not being allowed into New Zealand ports? If there was another Cuban missile crisis, the International Peace Symbol would be too inflamatory for a neutral City Council like Wellington's. It's best that Council's keep out of political activist symbol promotion. It certainly has a place in a free society.  However, that's not in the politically neutral, Wellington City Council administration building.


The nuclear weapons and nuclear war danger issue is the "A 1" peace issue. It's the most crucial issue which human kind has ever faced.  It's not just another protest movement issue  like the many that Wellington City Council has had to decide on. For example,  dedicated cycle ways or square metres of park space per population unit. The nuclear weapons abolition issue, which the International Peace Symbol represents, is as monumentally huge as the combination of fresh and  waste water piping, roading,  electricity, civil defense and building regulation. That's because, a nuclear explosion over Wellington would be at least five times more devastating than the one over Hiroshima. Yet, today's delivery systems make those of 1945, seem like a child's pedal car to a formula one racing car.


 A nuclear war would quite likely end most forms of animal life on earth. Once started, stopping it would be much harder, just as a small match can cause a forest fire that burns for days. It may be a case of a nuclear war ending when the weapons supply runs out. It could be all over in five hours. The Trident system is MADly dedicated to the total destruction of an attacker's homeland from hidden submarines, even when each other's homelands are laid waste.  Mutually Assured Destruction is MAD to surely make sane people react.The International Peace Symbol is about prevention of nuclear war by sane abolition of its weapons, with precise,  perpetual inspection and verification. We have a symbol for this. Let's use it.


Fear mongering is a human frailty. We only need to look at the number of religions that have been based on the end of the world coming at a certain date and adherants being manipulated and enslaved by doomsday doctrines. Human beings have become the champion form of life on earth because of their brain and manual dexterity. Why would this process suddenly stop? Man made nuclear weapons will not somehow overwhelm otherwise sensible human activity and cause the human race to became extinct.  There's no risk of a nuclear weapons war and catastrophe.  Human kind is just too smart for that. Chernobyl is now a mere ripple. Geiger counters show a small area of contamination  there and  Hiroshima and Nagasaki are now popular  tourist cities. It's time that over-exited ignorant people trusted the excellent safety record of the international nuclear arms development industry. Nuclear weapons may one day be superceded. What use will the ban the bomb,  International Peace Symbol be then? It's better to let the evolution of protective weaponry develop naturally, without nuclear  hysteria and it's associated urban myth folk  symbols.    

The Great War, which we call the First World War, ended as the war to end all wars. It was considered so bad that nothing could be worse. We had the end of the second world war, with Hiroshima and Nagasaki as proving grounds and gross human medical experiment for a new kind of horror weapon. Now there are over twenty thousand of them, with super sophisticated  delivery systems. Many are on hair trigger alert,  meaning that they've predetermined targets ready for firing at, with the push of a button. A city is a place for people to live. They're not  nuclear weapons targets. Yet, the inhuman  leaderships, of  nuclear weapons nations think so. That's simply disgusting.  The glorious International Peace Symbol represents the writer's disgust at nuclear weapons, with downward outstretched arms. He is not alone. As this is written, millions of ordinary city folk, globally,agree. Veteran peace activist, Dr Helen Caldicott is one. That's why the Wellington City Council needs to think clearly, officially adopt the symbol and agree to have it displayed upright at the Botanic Garden. She's one of the most articulate and outspoken opponents of nuclear weapons. Some may call her over the top and psychotic. They're wrong.  Anti tobacco activists were so labelled in the 1970's, but are now totally vindicated, by even the tobacco industry. The abolition of nuclear weapons is a job for dedicated, humanists, who see reality and act.

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What  Why  How  When and Where 


A combined request to the Wellington City Council that they officially adopt, respect and frequently use the International Peace Symbol by having it displayed on a sunny grass area at the Botanic Garden. It's still the CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament organisation's logo, which they encourage all to use, with them acknowledged as the prime users. 


World peace is a universal desire and essentially includes the abolition of nuclear weapons. The International Peace Symbol communicates this desire. Wellington's official respect for the symbol, with an upright example at the Botanic Garden, will prove that nuclear weapons abolition is feasible, sensible and easily achieved.

Enthusiastically motivated citizens globally will ensure that this occurs. When politicians hear a  huge majority's loud, "Stop using us as targets in your sick power crazed game", they'll have no justification to keep any nuclear weapons. The 2020 Vision, Mayors For Peace campaign aims at abolition by 2020 from a 2015 Treaty. United Nations supervised, inspections and verification will then perpetually continue . 


The ePetition is easy to join via the clickable link below. Personal contact details are kept secure. Only one's name, suburb and city are displayed. Joining occurs after verifying an email message. "View signatures" records the International Peace Symbol ePetitioners. 

Click >>>>   http://wellington.govt.nz/have-your-say/epetitions/petitions/current/2013-07-botanic-garden-1500-mm-x-150-mm-upright-decorative-concrete-international-peace-symbol

The 1500 mm diameter by 150 mm thick upright, decorative concrete peace symbol would be designed and built to the highest specifications and funded by Wellington school children as was the Children's Peace Monument in Hiroshima, Japan. 

Wikipedia Article   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children's_Peace_Monument  

Photos  http://www.city.hiroshima.lg.jp/shimin/heiwa/crane.html

Photos  via You Tube with music.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYWYbE0msII 


The ePetition is open now and closes on 5 October 2013. Please remember to verify the email that it sends to you, to join. 


The Upright 1500 mm x 150 mm decorative concrete peace symbol, on a 500 mm x 80 mm steel stalk would be at a suitable, sunny, grassed site, in the Botanic Garden. It would be  a good distance from any paths, to allow unobstructed group photos beside it.

ePetition signers are invited to view the Botanic Garden for such a suitable site and email the location to the  head ePetitioner, M. Richard Tingey cavewood88@hotmail.com 

Wellington is the most centrally located large city in New Zealand, at the southern tip of the North Island. It's the Capital City, with Parliament and numerous government agency headquarters. Wellington has a commercial centre beside a beautiful, sheltered inner harbour and many residential suburbs radiating into the hills and coastal environs.

The exact cultural location point in the city, for this Peace Symbol ePetition, was chosen by the ePetitioner  as the bronze Amity plaque on the Cenotaph, shown at the top of the page.


    Human Peace Sign, Portland, ME, 7-14-07


Dr Helen Caldicott is an active veteran Nuclear weapons oponent.

Please Click →  http://www.helencaldicott.com/about.htm

Please Click   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helen_Caldicott#Life

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Please Click   http://www.theage.com.au/news/business/money/profile--helen-caldicott/2009/07/27/1248546674092.html 


Dr David Krieger  of USA

Like Dr Helen Caldicott, he is a shining star of enthusiasm and excellence for motivating us to shake into the reality of our nuclear energy age. His Nuclear Age Peace Foundation is about making us realize that nuclear weapons are not just a sophisticated development from bows and arrows. They're a totally new ball game. They uniquely put human kind's survival and even life on this planet in jeopardy. Anyway, you wouldn't want to suffer the effects of your city or town being hit by a nuclear weapon and will probably hope that nobody, anywhere, would either. Isn't that reason enough to be a nuclear weapons abolitionist, as our life's major job?

Please Click  http://www.wagingpeace.org/menu/about/people/president-bio.pdf

Please Click  http://www.wagingpeace.org/

Please Click  http://www.peaceproposal.com/krieger0.html

Please Click  http://serv.peace.hiroshima-cu.ac.jp/English/fkiroku/krieger.htm